Day 5 Intraday trading

todayA good day for me.  Since yesterday i got white washed with Sintex futures, today i made a conscious decision to stick with basics and develop some trading technique which i can rely upon. So i took the NSE gainers technique and mixed it with Supertrend combo rule.

First i observed Nifty, it was up with +26 points. Hence i went for Nifty 50 gainers.

I took DRREDDY, HINDALCO and TATASTEEL and all of these are in green. As soon as i took them they went into losses. So i wondered why this is happening. So i looked at NSE website and found that nifty is going down. Hence these stocks are also imitating its trend.

So I immediately squared off with some losses. I exited DRREDDY at 2568, which i bought it at 2574. A 600 Rs loss even though all the supertrend indicators are pointing green in 5 min chart. And the unthinkable happens. DRREDDY zooomed to 2666 today which means i could have gained (2666-2574)*100 = 9200. But i booked a loss of 600 because of developing cold feet. Hence the lesson to learn here is dont expect immediate profits. It might go against your expectations for sometime, but always stick to your strategy.

Another one HINDALCO. It was also going down, hence again i tried to squareoff with small loss. Finally i could square off with a loss of Rs 150. After squaring off, it went up another 5 Rs but ultimately went below my sell level. Lesson to learn is never ditch your strategy.

Next is TATASTEEL, booked a loss of  Rs 134, but the good thing is it went down another 10 Rs below my sell level.

What i observed here is that before taking positions, just observe its RSI value. If it didnt touch either over bought or over sold levels, then you can take positions in that stock.

Next i went for Nifty losers. I selected TCS and GAIL.

I booked a small profit of 65 in GAIL as the stock was no where going.

Next TCS was going super strong. It was red all the way, but i already booked Rs 700 loss, so first i wanted to be in green zone today. So i booked TCS with a profit of 2000 + and over all my profits became 1000+. Again i watched TCS after 30 min, it still is trending strongly in downward direction. So i again shorted it and booked some profits. Totally i booked a profit of Rs 3690. I want to mention here that TCS was red the whole day but i exited multiple times, because of being conservative. Had i remained for the entire session, i could have gained (2571.9-2520)*100 = Rs 5100. But i had to live with Rs 3690.

Overall, a good start i have to say. I will stick with the same strategy tomorrow and probably for quite some time and get some experience. Also i will try to stick to my strategy tomorrow and see the result. Also i wil trade  Nifty next 50 and F&O securities so as to diversify the risk.

Day 5: Rs 2778.25


Day 4 Intraday trading

todayToday is another bad day for me. Since i got 1500 loss yesterday, i was determined to make big profit today to square off yesterday’s losses. And the result : a loss of Rs 2161.

Today i did only 1 trade, Sintex jun fut.

Yesterday i calculated very thoroughly about sintex and what i found is that if you buy sintex futures and sell it with just 0.05 gain, you will get a net profit of Rs 280. If the gain is 0.1, then profit is about Rs 600. Hence, today i was determined to make profits. So carefully followed sintex for couple of minutes and then entered at 25.55. It went to 25.6 and from then onwards, it went down and down. Seeing this i developed cold feet and put a stop loss of 25.3. But then fate had different plans. Price nose dived to 25.15 in fraction of seconds, so my stop loss was triggered at 25.25 instead of 25.3 and so i had to lose Rs 2161. But after that it again retraced back to 25.55 after couple of hours. So i guess i need to place orders in MIS instead of BO.

One interesting thing that i observed today is that i selected GAIL from nse top gainers list at 9.20 + and then i placed order at 402.6 but it never reached that level. It went from 402.9 to a high of 408.7. So i missed a profit of Rs 6. Here the combo view had clear green in 5min chart and 1 min chart.

So from tomorrow on wards i am going to concentrate on using nse website and turn into green and then use that experience to hit on Futures. I will use the triple combo view to enter and exit. I will also do some positional trading using the trending stocks.

Day 4 : Rs -2161.25

Day -2

Hi People

I started off today using Open-High-Low strategy. Stocks in my radar were Bhartiairtl, HCL, Hindunilvr and Wipro.

I started off with Bharti Airtel – had to book a loss of 60 rs because i felt stock is going down.

Next comes HCL – booked a profit of just 85 Rs as there was no good movement in the stock.

Next comes Wipro – booked a profit of 100 Rs

Next i saw that Escorts is having a good run, so went long on Escorts and booked 285 Rs

Here i have to share something interesting observation. I used the combination of Supertrend 7-3, 10-3, 11-2 and all gave buy signals. I added awesome oscillator for confirmation. Although supertrend is in green , i exited because of developing cold feet. Had i stayed in the market, i would have gained close to ( 745-717) * 100 = 2800. Instead i gained 285 Rs. So the lesson to learn is follow with a strategy and adhere to it with a strict stop-loss.

Also another interesting point is that if i use pivot trading to enter and exit, it will also fetch me a good profits. So tomorrow i will experiment 2 things. One is to select a stock and trade it using levels given by pivot trading and the other is to follow supertrend strategy.

Yesbank – saw that it is rocking in hourly gainers page, hence entered and booked profits of 415 Rs. had i stayed in the market following the supertrend combo, i could have gained (1523.5-1506.9) * 100 = 1660. Instead i booked for 415. So the lesson to learn is always follow your

Day 2 : Rs 895.5

Day 1

Hi People

Although i am trading since 3,4 months, i have never shared my trading experiences with anyone anytime. But then i felt that people need to know the experiences of a trader before they get into trading markets. Hence i started to write here. Below, i will explain about my trading experience of today, what mistakes i have made, what good things that i have done and what is the learning of the day.

As you can see from my order summary, i have traded shares of escorts, HDIL, Tata motors, Adaniports, Hindunilever.

For escorts, i entered at 701 with a strict stop-loss of 699 and target of 707. But it was volatile, so it hit my stop loss and so i had to lose 200 in that. After hitting my stop-loss it went to reach 717 in the afternoon. Had i stayed with my order for some more time, i could have obtained a profit of 717-701 * 100 = 1600. But the thing about stock market is that you never know what’s gonna happen in the future or even in the next minute. What if the stock plummeted to 690 or 680?. Then my losses would have been 1000 or 2000. That’s too much. Hence it is better to put strict stop-loss of 1 or 2 rupees and exit if needed. Coming to the strategy, i entered the trade seeing that MACD is below the signal line and is below zero line and is gradually moving closer to signal line. So i thought after some time MACD will cross signal line and will go up. But it again retracted for a brief moment, hence i had to book losses.

HDIL – This stock was suggested in one of the Telegram groups, so i just blindly entered with 500 shares. I waited long but the stock didn’t show any improvement. Si i had to exit with 1 rupee loss which means 500 rupees loss. Lesson learnt: Never blindly trust any telegram admin. they are only as good as you are if not worse.

Tata motors – bought 100 shares of this stock and it looks like its not trending, hence i sold it for a loss of 50 rupees

After losing 750 in the morning session, i took a break, slept and then went to lunch. Then all of a sudden i remember using Zerodha Pi to do some trades earlier. It felt nostalgic. Hence i immediately logged into Pi, randomly took some scrip – Adani ports and did a quick scalp trade. I got 15 rupees profit. Although this 15 rupees is not exactly considered as a profit as if we included the brokerage and taxes, it will finally be in a red zone, but it somehow boosted my confidence in playing with charts and ordering on the charts itself. It gives you so much clarity and confidence when you put orders on charts itself.

So gathering momentum from my Adani ports scalp, i quickly selected Hindunilever stock. I opened the hourly gainers page and saw this scrip showing some good trend. I know when there is trend we should enter quickly and reap some profits and exit immediately. hence i opened this chart, placed orders on chart itself and to tell you frankly, it was a seamless experience. I placed a buy order and sell order on the chart itself and it executed within seconds and i hadn’t even worried about getting my order executed or increasing or decreasing the price to get executed. Overall i gained some 270 all because of order placing on PI charts.

Considering my above experience, i have decided to use Zerodha Pi for my future trading sessions as i wasn’t so successful in using Zerodha kite to reap any profits. I decided that i will trade in the early market hours on Pi platform and do some quick scalp trades on a huge lot size. Lets see what will happen to my strategy.

Day 1: Rs -466.1