Day 4 Intraday trading

todayToday is another bad day for me. Since i got 1500 loss yesterday, i was determined to make big profit today to square off yesterday’s losses. And the result : a loss of Rs 2161.

Today i did only 1 trade, Sintex jun fut.

Yesterday i calculated very thoroughly about sintex and what i found is that if you buy sintex futures and sell it with just 0.05 gain, you will get a net profit of Rs 280. If the gain is 0.1, then profit is about Rs 600. Hence, today i was determined to make profits. So carefully followed sintex for couple of minutes and then entered at 25.55. It went to 25.6 and from then onwards, it went down and down. Seeing this i developed cold feet and put a stop loss of 25.3. But then fate had different plans. Price nose dived to 25.15 in fraction of seconds, so my stop loss was triggered at 25.25 instead of 25.3 and so i had to lose Rs 2161. But after that it again retraced back to 25.55 after couple of hours. So i guess i need to place orders in MIS instead of BO.

One interesting thing that i observed today is that i selected GAIL from nse top gainers list at 9.20 + and then i placed order at 402.6 but it never reached that level. It went from 402.9 to a high of 408.7. So i missed a profit of Rs 6. Here the combo view had clear green in 5min chart and 1 min chart.

So from tomorrow on wards i am going to concentrate on using nse website and turn into green and then use that experience to hit on Futures. I will use the triple combo view to enter and exit. I will also do some positional trading using the trending stocks.

Day 4 : Rs -2161.25


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